7. Research

7.1. General aspects

  • Research is only a minor aspect of the game
  • Techs can be researched by investing money, the research of a tech takes 4 turns to complete
  • All Techs require the current date to have passed a certain year and can require the research of some precursor techs
  • After the starting year of the tech, the cost get exponentially cheaper with a half time of 20 years
  • At most 2 tech projects at the same time, unless the College is upgraded to a University (then 4 tech projects at the same time).
  • Techs are not tradeable, there are additional discounts (~20% if all players have the Tech already)
  • Exploring the country for minerals is also a research project – it will reveal some random resources. Can only be researched if there are resources to be discovered left. The resource to be discovered will not change upon reload.
  • Different categories: Military (M), Economical (E), Diplomatic (D), Naval (N), Land units (L), Resources non-food (R), Food (F). Each category gives a symbol on the Tech sheet and can be used to sort the table of available Techs.


Random resources must be balanced somehow and must be preserved upon reloads

7.2. Techs

  • M+N Light warship II
  • M+N Light warship III requires Light warship II
  • M+N Heavy warship II
  • M+N Heavy warship III requires Heavy warship III
  • M+L Militia II
  • M+L Infantry II (“Breech loading rifle”, IY 1848) [image of a Dreyse needle gun as background]
  • M+L Infantry III (“Machine gun”, IY 1880) requires Infantry II
  • M+L Artillery II
  • M+L Artillery III requires Artillery II
  • M+L Cavalry II
  • M+L Cavalry III (“Tanks”, IY 1900) requires Cavalry II
  • M+L +1 Militia per province
  • M+L +2 Units per battle
  • M+E -10% Upkeep (“Nationalism”)
  • M+E-10% Training costs
  • M 5% trickle back of casualties
  • M +5% experience of trained soldiers (“Military school”)

Possible names: Streamlined Hulls, Bessemer Converter, Rifled Artillery, Steel armor plate, Gunpowder, Canon, Artillery, Geography and map making, Construction of turbine propeller, Colt gun, Morse code, Rifles invented, Internal combustion machine, Diesel machine, Telephone (better communication, efficiency)

  • E+N Light merchant ship II
  • E+N Light merchant ship III requires Light merchant ship II
  • E+N Heavy merchant ship II (paddle-wheel)
  • E+N Heavy merchant ship III requires Heavy merchant ship II
  • E+F Apple resources II
  • E+F Apple resources III requires Apple resources II
  • E+F Wheat resources II (“Windmill”)
  • E+F Wheat resources III requires Wheat resources II
  • E+F Meat resources II
  • E+F Meat resources III requires Meat resources II
  • E+R Wood from forest II
  • E+R Wood from forest III requires Wood from Forest II
  • E+R Oil well II
  • E+R Oil well III requires Oil well II
  • E+R Ore mine II (“Square set timbering”)
  • E+R Ore mine III requires Ore mine II
  • E+R Coal mine II (“Coal extraction”)
  • E+R Coal mine III requires Coal mine II
  • E Silver mine II
  • E+R Wool&Cotton resource II
  • E+R Wool&Cotton resource III requires Wool&Cotton resource II
  • E Railroad possible on swamps and hills (“Iron railroad bridge”)
  • E Railroad possible into mountains (“Dynamite”) requires Railroad possible on swamps and hills

Names: Jenny Speed invented: Wool from sheep, Better transport wagons: More efficient wagons, Better pump for mines: More efficient mines, Steam engine, high pressure: Enables railroad building, Seed Drill: Improve grain farms and orchards to level 1, Cotton Gin: Improve cotton plantations to level 1, Iron Railroad bridge: Cross swamp, enable forester who can improve hardwood forest to level 1, Feed Grasses: Enables rancher who can improve wool farms and livestock ranches to level 1, Industrial revolution, Better canned food, Gas lamps: better mines and workers more efficiently , Cement improved, Electric generator: town upgrade?, Chemicals for farmers, Sewing machine, Elevator: mines to level 3, Oil drill, Dynamite: Improved railroad, Electric light: Mines and city upgrade, Car with combustion machine.

  • D +5% influence creation with minor nations
  • D +5% efficiency of propaganda (“Radio”)
  • E +5% efficiency of research (“National elite university”)

Higher tech efficiency, higher cultural ranking, more diplomatic influence

  • Propaganda: Increases influences, gives special unit spy?
  • India discovered: Bonus for first
  • Radio 1901
  • Better relation favors nations in trade