6. Diplomacy

6.1. States between two nations

War or peace are always visible to all others. Other states are only visible to other nations having an embassy in one of the involved nations. In most cases peace will be the default state at game start if not specified differently (in a scenario for example).


  • No trade or treaty except peace treaty possible
  • Minimum duration of 4 turns
  • Peace treaty can be coupled to a payment of max. 10% of BSP of the paying nation


Allows to trade and to seek other treaties

Established Trade mission

  • Costs $300 to establish
  • Allows to improve relations by trade and removes the trade penalty (20% reduces incomes from trades between these two nations)
  • After prolonged war (6 turns of non-interrupted war) it will be destroyed

Established Embassy

  • Requires DR ≥ 10 and costs $1000 to establish
  • Allows to negotiate NAPs and Alliances and to improve relations by propaganda
  • Makes the diplomatic states of this nation visible
  • After prolonged war (8 turns of non-interrupted war) it will be destroyed

Non-Aggression Pact

  • Requires DR ≥ 40 and an established embassy
  • Allows an assured time of peace (at least 4 turns) and a compensation payment for immediate breaking later on.
  • During the first 4 turns a certain fond (both nations paying $250 each turn, totaling $2000) is build up. Can then be terminated immediately but then the whole fond is payed immediately to the aggrieved party.
  • Can canceled with a 4 turn delay after turn 4, the fond is then dissolved gradually (reverse to the build up).
  • If automatically canceled if DR falls below 35


  • DR ≥ 60
  • Includes a Non-Aggression Pact
  • Each nation can only be in one alliance at most
  • Gives bonus in trade (+15% revenue) and in technology (-5% costs)
  • Effects are taking place as long as the NAP holds; the alliance is automatically canceled if the NAP is canceled or broken; canceling the alliance is equivalent to canceling the NAP
  • Is automatically canceled if DR falls below 55

6.2. Diplomatic Actions

Buy shares of the press industry in a country to pursuit in propaganda activity

  • You can buy shares in the press industry of a country securing a DR positive effect but you have to pay (increasingly ever more each time).
  • Start is $100 for a certain package (10% in MN, 5% in GP) with 10% increase of the price each time and all other shares are diluted by 10% or 5%, respectively

Develop a country (only MN)

  • Lending of a certain amount of LU including a certain amount of money each turn for typically 5 or 10 turns
  • Increases DR for each turns it is active

Peaceful integration of a MN into a GP

  • Only possible if the MN is attacked and you weren’t doing it

6.3. Diplomatic feedback from AI players

  • How much they trust you because of past action (no war, no big military)
  • How much they are grateful because of trade, development of infrastructure
  • How impressed they are because of propaganda or other achievements
  • What they see in you: the villain of the game, a minor power, their potential white knight in case they are attacked?

6.4. Diplomatic goals

  • Peaceful assimilation of minor nations. This requires befriending them before and defending them against an external threat.
  • Declare war and seek peace. A peace treaty will last at least a fixed 5 years periods.
  • Seek reassurance through non-aggression treaties.
  • Seek alliances (common goals) against leaders with long duration and not terminable (or only against really high fee), they have a fixed goal (war in X year, at least Y % of territory gained, loss compensation)
  • Increase influence nations (by offering money).
  • Bully others around.
  • Treaties with fixed duration (10 years or at least 5 years with 2 years cancellation time)
  • War declaration could also need time (2 turns, but gives right to first strike)
  • Gold is not everything: you can influence your partners by money but only a bit, sometimes they won’t do it, not for all the gold in the world
  • No new treaty is allowed to contradict earlier contracts (not even potentially only) - there in the design treaties with fixed duration is preferred
  • It should be clear how each diplomatic action will influence the relations in a quantitative way.
  • Breaking a treaty is either impossible or results in serious harm, whatever this means for now.
  • Statistics are not incorporated here but in the Statistics section (however quick links between)
  • Treaties are accepted if both have agreed on them. Need to define exact timing. Probably beginning of a turn.

6.5. Improving relations

Relations can be improved by:

  • Every kind of trade
  • Subventions for developing their infrastructure (only towards minor nations)
  • Existing peace and alliance treaties
  • Propaganda (by secret organizations or by influencing the press)
  • Fulfilling wishes of minor nations

6.6. Diplomatic Influence

  • Is kind of diplomatic currency, can be used for various things
  • Is gained by trade

6.7. Role of Minor Nations

They could actively choose sides. They should not react too erratically but also there should be clever tactics that might change their course. Difficult.


  • improve when extending their infrastructure
  • improve when trading (effectively not only offering)
  • improve upon fulfillment of wishes, being useful for them
  • improve for treaties like a peace treaty and keeping them
  • worsen if military is large enough and common border or many ships

Peaceful assimilation

  • Relation must be very good over a long history (maybe additive for whole history = trust) by trade or diplomacy
  • No immediate threat: long running peace treaty or far away
  • How peaceful you were in general, they like peaceful and cultural (large culture rating) nations
  • Become status of close friend (public visible)
  • Have a strong enough military, they feel attracted to very powerful nations, however first repelled
  • Defend upon aggression of others, a threat by another nations give a big boost
  • Trade and fulfill all demands wishes
  • Buy any excess exports
  • After certain time is gone -> assimilation festivities
  • Secrete turnaround should be possible to pursue (not see with whom they trade maybe?)
  • They could have special abilities (military, cultural, economic) that they give you, when you assimilate them.
  • Invasion of new territory after assimilation should take some time.